So the cost is $100 per look. What's included?
Loads of great shots in each outfit.
Review images as we shoot.
Digital proofs available in 3 business days.
One prep/retouch included for each look.
Recommendations for best reproductions.
Priority service at partner lab.
What is a look?
One look is one wardrobe change. Any changes to your clothing, hair, makeup, beard, etc, is a separate look. You can shoot as many looks as you like at $100 per look, but you do have to schedule them in advance so enough time is allotted.
Can I change my hair or makeup during the shoot?
Quick changes to hair or makeup are possible when you are shooting more than one look. Changes to hairstyle and makeup are not possible when shooting a single look. If you anticipate changes of this sort please let me know so we can schedule accordingly.
Do I need a makeup artist and do you have one?
Many women are quite good with their own makeup and I can offer a few simple tips that can allow most clients to do a great job with their own styling. For men, makeup is often not necessary. I do not offer makeup services, however, if you feel like you need the services of a professional makeup artist, I'll be happy to suggest one.  Please note that no professional makeup artists were used for any of the shots shown on this website.  That's not because we don't like them!  A makeup artist is a great benefit for most sessions.  However, as you can see, many clients can do just fine on their own.

Does the session depost apply toward my session cost?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash is prefered. Visa and Mastercard are accepted via PayPal. Personal checks are not accepted.
Can I reschedule or cancel my appointment?
Your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Rescheduling is allowed with three business days notice. Less than three business days notice is considered a cancellation and a new deposit will be required to schedule a new appointment. All reschedule requests must be submitted via the email address shown on the contact page on this site.
Do you do reshoots?
YES! I want you to be happy with your headshots, and if that takes a reshoot, lets do it! Some restrictions apply, but they aren't complicated.  Just ask and I'll give you the details.
How many images do you shoot?
Lots and lots!
Do you do consultations?
Yes...if you'd like we can talk on the phone prior to your shoot. You can request a call from the contact page. Due to limmited time, in-person consultations are a $50 fee, but you can apply that to the cost of any multiple look session. The fee is not applied when you shoot a single look at $100.
What is image preparation and retouching?
Image preperation is a multi-step process that takes the raw image from the camera and adjusts color and contrast to give the image a finished professional look. Retouching takes this a step further by subtly softening fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and brightening of the teeth and eyes. One image prep/retouch is included for each look that you shoot. Additionals are $20 each.
When and how do I get my images?
You will be emailed a link to an online digital proof sheet of the images from your session within 3 business days. Once you've emailed me your selections from the digital proofs, your final prepared and retouched images can be ready in 2 business days. Rush service is available for additional charge
Do I get all of the images from my session?
All images are made available to you in the form of a digital proof sheet from which you can make your final selects. One final prepared and retouched image is included for each look that you shoot. Clients often select several images from the same outfit; the first select is included, additional images are $20 each.
Can I get a disk of the images?
Yes. I can burn a disk of the unretouched files for a fee of $50. Please note that if you take a disc of the session, I have to charge sales tax.  Who wants that?  Please also note that if you take a disc at the time of the session, there can be no re-shoots; no exceptions.
How do I make sure I get good reproductions?
I'll give you the low-down on all the best options in LA, as well as a preferred rate if you choose to go with my partner lab.
Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes, if your agent not thrilled with your images, lets re-shoot them at no additional charge! Just let me know what you'd like to do differently when you see the web gallery and you can re-shoot within 10 days (space permitting).  No, there are never-ever any refunds... but hey, no one else will even offer you a re-shoot; so I'm already way ahead of the competition!
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